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European Dinner Parties

Ditch Cooking Tonight – Join The Party

Enjoy the menus today with your own family or a group of friends.

Seven country menus are already available.
Additional countries will be added in 2019.

Welcome to the European Dinner Parties program

Close your eyes and picture yourself having a great meal at a bistro in Paris, a trattoria in Florence, a cellar restaurant in Munich or a pub in London.

Never been to Europe or had that feeling? Don’t despair! You can experience the same exciting times at home, with a few friends, neighbors or colleagues.

elegant table setting for European dinnerThink of having a festive French meal one night, the following month a Greek dinner and so on…Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Danish and others.

Wherever you live in this world, you can easily enjoy those exciting times thanks to the European Dinner Parties program.

Every month you will find a festive, tasty meal from a different country. You don’t even have to travel to Europe, but you may want to do it afterwards…

Having a Fun Time…

This is the main ingredient for a European dinner party with a few of your present or new found friends.

All meals are easy-to-prepare, home-cooked and designed by people who are from or connected to each country. The menus also include healthy tips for your friends with dietary restrictions. Everybody can participate and enjoy the parties!

Several festive dinner menus will already be at

Why would you want to start a small European dinner party with a few friends…or enjoy festive, tasty meals with your own family? Or maybe just a tasty European dessert?

It’s a party…Fun is the essential ingredient

Sharing a meal with friends or neighbors (or with your own family) increases the enjoyment. Share information, contacts. Build relationships. Do it with a few others. Prepare just one dish but enjoy a complete meal.

If you don't have enough people to join you this month, just serve two of the three courses. Or, if you meet once a month with friends for coffee, bridge, your book group, or any other interest group, instead prepare that delicious Bavarian Plum Cake or any other suggested desserts.

Tasting foods from different countries is a great experience - different from your regular evenings meals.

It’s a nice way to try new recipes and build your repertoire. Collect a variety of European dinner menus that are easy to prepare.

having wine with dinner
Learn about wines that go with each meal.

A professional wine expert will teach you the ins and outs, and recommend specific wines for each European menu.

Meals are healthy for people with dietary restrictions, too.

Anybody can join the fun. A certified nutritionist will add tips for low sodium, fewer calories and other dietary restrictions. Nobody is excluded.

The parties will also be exciting Learning Experiences about each country - for all ages.

Learn about traditions and customs, stories for younger children, a quiz, surprises and lots more. Get to know funny facts, for instance what does Starbucks serve in Holland with coffee that they don’t do in the USA? And why?

Eating in Europe is fun but so is traveling there.

Here’s the secret. Get access to time- and money-saving information that was available solely for travel agents. Simplify planning your European trip when you have all the facts at your fingertips. Avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises in Europe before you go.


Why is it so simple and fun to start your own small dinner party?

Ask 2, 3 or 4 couples to join you. Rotate being the host. Decide who prepares what. Each person makes one dish and enjoys a full meal. Split the cost…it’s that simple! A good number is between 8-10 people with children, just couples or singles.

Sharing a meal increases the enjoyment and this is the ideal way to do it with the Europe Dinner Parties program - easy-to-prepare and fun.

wooden tray with herbs and olive oilFriends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, church or club members, book, bridge and other groups, business groups, service clubs, high school kids having their own dinner party, sport teams, single parents with their children or just you and your family.

When? Anytime you can get together. How about a Sunday lunch party, a movie, book or bridge night with dinner; college kids with friends. Indeed, there’s no limit.  Would you like to have the parties more often…why not join a party and start another one with some other friends.

Wherever you are in the world, you can have the fun times, tasty meals and exciting learning experiences.

Need a few more suggestions…?

  • Do you want to enjoy a European meal with your own family?
    It’s a great idea to taste different foreign meals, and maybe even prepare them together. For valuable tips go to You’ll be amazed how much fun and beneficial it will be for your family, according to a study at the Lincoln, NE Public Schools.

  • Are you single?
    Ask a few friends to bring another person. A great way to broaden your circle and have a fun time. The same for single parents with their children.

  • Join a Party…then start your own with a few other friends.
    Have twice the fun, meet different friends and make a different dish each time. You can become a great European cook and enjoy doing it.
  • Do you own a small business or are you self-employed?
    Invite a small group of your clients for potluck dinners at your home. Have a fun time, taste different European foods and build your own friendly marketing team for feedback on your business. It’ll be an essential part of your business during these changing times.


So say to yourself…

Ditch Cooking Tonight. Join The Party!

It’s the best way to have a great time… do you say "Enjoy your meal" in different countries?

French: Bon appétit!
German: Guten Mahlzeit!
Italian: Buon appetito!
Dutch: Smakelijk eten!
Danish / Norwegian: Velbekomme!
Portuguese: Bom apetite!
Spanish: Buen provecho!
Swedish: Smaklig mâltid!
Polish: Smacznego!
Greek: Kali óreksi!
Turkish: Afiyet olsun!
Russian: Prijatnovo apptita!
Finnish: Hyvaa ruokanaiua!